The Diving Girl Review

Richard Laymon’s The Diving Girl tells the story of a writer and his recount of a mysterious experience with a nameless woman.

Being a bit of a recluse, the writer learns of the woman and her nightly diving by accident.

After seeing her for the first time, he is distracted by thoughts of her beauty and her impressive diving skills.

He cannot wait to see his mysterious diving girl, watching for her in the morning and the afternoon without results.

But she reappears in the night, beckoning him to her like some mermaid or siren from his home. However, she is not what she seems and he does not care.

Written as if the writer in the short story had written it himself, The Diving Girl is not suspenseful or horrifying. It is a tale of unknown that gives no answers, delivering a simple plotline with nothing more than an ending.

The Diving Girl left me quite unsatisfying with the storyline; however, the writing style definitely reeled me in. If the short story was expanded on, I would certainly be interested in continuing with the tale of the mysterious diving girl. But the short story was lacking in any real suspense or horror.


~ by nicmarray on April 3, 2010.

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