Welcome to “Happy Town”

Being a frequent viewer of Lost (Give me more answers, not more questions!), I have been bombarded by images and previews of a new series called Happy Town, which is set to premiere Wednesday April 28th.

I could not stop myself from looking into it, especially when the previews definitely have a horror feel to them.

Wrought with mystery and thrills, Happy Town is less horror and more suspenseful drama. Happy Town is set in Haplin, Minnesota, a small town haunted by unsolved kidnappings. But a recent crime brings all the unresolved fears to the forefront of the town people’s minds. And who is “Magic Man?”

Even though Happy Town is more of a suspenseful drama rather than full on horror, it definitely looks intriguing and I will be checking it out when it premieres.


~ by nicmarray on April 13, 2010.

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