Message from Gruesome Little Me

Hello dear readers from Gruesome Little Me, NMRaymond!

I have been less than prolific as of late with my dear horror blog, but it has been with good reason. Waiting for word from graduate school, I have been less than focused.

Recently, I learned that I have been placed on the wait list for my top choice in graduate studies.

More applications are being reviewed, which means I have a chance of being selected for the class beginning this fall.

However, I need to be realistic when dealing with the facts.

Graduate school just might not happen as soon as I had planned.

I had a plan after graduating with my bachelor of science; however, that plan is looking less and less immediate.

And I did not formulate a backup plan, which means that I must figure out what I will be doing next.

That means I shall be on a bit of an official hiatus from Gruesome Details, but I shall return in June with more posts and more reviews.

I’ll be back!


~ by nicmarray on April 24, 2010.

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