The Cabin in the Woods Review

IntertitleHow do I begin?

It is a film that rejoices the horror movie formula while poking fun at it, which makes The Cabin in the Woods a new favorite of mine.

And it also seems like a film that you either love or hate regardless of being a horror movie guru or not. From the first moment of the film, the viewer knows something bigger is going on then a simple vacation in the woods for a group of college students.

Using the formula from countless other horror films, The Cabin in the Woods has its ragtag group of college students heading for a secluded cabin (in the woods, if the title wasn’t a dead giveaway).

As any avid horror movie goer, you know the players: the slutty chick, the innocent gal, the macho dude, the nerdy guy, and the spaced-out beatnik.

Countless times, we have seen them on the screen during a horror film as we shake our heads at their obviously disastrous life choices that end with their deaths (I told you not to go out there alone!).

They made us choose how we die.

“They made us choose how we die.”

But that makes The Cabin in the Woods even better, we know the players and we know the game. We know how this is going to end.

And yet the film throws the tried and true horror movie playbook out the window, bringing the house down around the not so insidious plot of the puppet masters behind these college students’ behaviors and actions. They aren’t merely victims of horrendous circumstances – they’re human sacrifices to the Ancient Ones.

Releasing a menagerie of monsters, nightmares, and  ghouls on those who would sacrifice them, the two surviving college students, Dana and Marty, end the world by the hand of the Ancient Ones.

Talk to the Hand!

Talk to the Hand!

It’s a monster movie. It’s a slasher. The Cabin in the Woods is a smart horror movie, bringing elements from previous films as an homage to some of the great horror movies. It made me laugh, and it made me jump (jump scares get me every time).

But it also made me think, trying to decipher the technicians’ motives before finding out the real truth (some horror reality television show set was a possibility in mind until the blood sacrificing).

Cleanse them, cleanse the world of their ignorance and sin. Bathe in the crimson of... [pauses] Am I on speaker phone?

“Cleanse them, cleanse the world of their ignorance and sin. Bathe in the crimson of… [pauses] Am I on speaker phone?”

Best character from the film, for me, had to be Mordecai, the Harbinger. Hands down, Mordecai is the man!

Another character that we’ve seen before countless times, but never have we seen the Harbinger calling about the “lambs” who ignored his warnings. His conversation with the technicians kills me every time.

The Cabin in the Woods is more than a stereotypical horror film, bringing the laughs and the gore, making fun of itself and the horror formula that has become a bit of a joke with some horror fans. It’s a horror film that I will be watching every October in the future.


~ by nicmarray on January 21, 2013.

One Response to “The Cabin in the Woods Review”

  1. This movie was one of my favorites for last year, and so underrated. So many references to other movies in this, but the beauty is the characters, the mood, the story, the old-school screams–this movie has it all. And just when we think it’s over, the biggest surprise of all happens!

    Simply, an outstanding movie that I’ve recommended already to all my friends.

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