Days Gone Bye Bye Bye

Welcome to the end of the world.

Welcome to the end of the world as you know it.

Where do I start? The dashing, scruffy protagonist Rick Grimes’ first appearance on screen?

The post-apocalyptic emptiness he finds himself waking in?

The cameo of Lennie James, an actor who has lived through another post-apocalyptic world on CBS’s fan beloved Jericho, in the pilot?

The pilot of The Walking Dead brought so much from the source material, bringing you into the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse right alongside the newly awakened Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes.

This episode is all about Rick, opening with him alone on an abandoned road. Rick has the pleasure of not witnessing the panic and hysteria that occurred during the zombie outbreak, left comatose in his hospital bed from a shooting before the dead started to walk. He only witnesses the aftermath: the desolation of the zombie apocalypse.

Don't be fooled. That girl is beastly.

Don’t be fooled. That girl is beastly.

Turning back the clock, the viewers see how Rick was shot in the line of duty, how he awoke alone in his hospital bed from his coma, and how he met the first living people since he made his way from his room in the hospital.

Read it, learn it, recognize.

Read it, learn it, recognize.

Rick meets Morgan Jones and his son Duane after walking out of the labyrinth of dead bodies and “walkers” in the hospital.

Meet is a technical term considering Rick meets the hard edge of Duane’s shovel as a greeting.

Finding him without a single bite mark, Morgan explains what has happened in the world during Rick’s coma: the dead walking and the living remaining. Morgan faces his own dilemmas with his dead wife walking around every day and night, returning to the neighbor’s house he and his son are holding up in near Rick’s home.

That world is gone. But the people are still here.

That world is gone. But the people are still here.

Morgan mentions Atlanta, Georgia to Rick, where a quarantine zone was set up by the CDC as far as he heard before communications went down.

Rick departs for Atlanta to find his family, leaving Morgan and Duane with some weapons and a walkie-talkie, which he will broadcast to inform them of his location periodically.

Even though the episode is almost entirely about Rick and his awakening in this apocalyptic world, the viewers see other survivors, specifically Rick’s old partner Shane Walsh, his wife Lori Grimes, and his son Carl Grimes. Lori has begun a romantic relationship with Shane, not knowing about Rick’s survival.

Oh, Rick. Don't go in there.

Oh, Rick. Don’t go in there.

Staying with a small band of other survivors, they are hiding in a rural area outside of Atlanta.

Rick arrives in the city, unknowingly walking into an overabundance of “walkers.”

Hordes of “walkers” surround him, but Rick manages to lock himself into a tank abandoned on the street.

Believing he is alone, Rick is surprised when the radio in the tank crackles and speaks, commenting about his cozy little hiding spot.

What the hell?!?

What the hell?!?

The Walking Dead starts off not with a bang, but with a desolate wasteland. Seeing the emptiness of the world alongside Rick Grimes, the viewer sees the aftermath of the uprising of zombies. It does not show the horror of visceral changes from dead to reanimated corpse, but the loneliness, the isolation that comes with the dead walking the earth. It’s a brand new world, let’s walk with the dead.

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