Scream 4 Review

Scream 4 IntertitleIt’s not easy to return to a franchise after fifteen years since the original blazed on the big screen.

But Scream 4 rejuvenates the franchise and brings back the three survivors that we know and love from the three preceding films. Maybe I’m biased. I have a deceptively deep devotion to the original film, but Scream 4 keeps with the franchise’s formula.

Scream 4 Trunk

Don’t open the… oh!

Bringing in a new generation of Woodsboro, Scream 4 brings Ghostface back as soon as Sidney Prescott returns to her infamous hometown.

Trying to stop the killings, Sidney teams up with Gale Weathers-Riley and Sheriff Dewey Riley once again, learning the “new rules” of surviving horror films. Scream 4 satires the horror movie remake, like its previous installments’ spoofing of other horror cliches.

We did not sign up to be a part of this real life remake, Sid.

We did not sign up to be a part of this real life remake, Sid.

Within this new generation, Sidney’s cousin Jill and her friends are more than simple copies of Sidney and her friends from the original film.

Though the faces have changed, Scream 4 reinvents the film like any remake, twisting the reasoning behind the Ghostface murders. Even Sidney gets in on the satirical action: “Don’t fuck with the original!”

No longer wanting to live in the shadow of Sidney Prescott, Jill doesn’t want to get away with the murders (Billy), nor does she want to gain notoriety from the trials (Mickey), and she certainly isn’t the mastermind behind how everything started with the Woodsboro murders (Roman). No Jill wants to be Sidney: the survivor, the final girl, the star. She wants the fans and their devotion.

I'm a survivor.

I’m a survivor.

But Jill didn’t learn well enough from the rules, forgetting the first rule of remakes and screwing with the original by trying to off her dear cousin Sidney.

Her plan was full proof, framing her boyfriend and another friend, who she duped into becoming her accomplice, to look like the Billy and Stu of this new Woodsboro murder generation. Jill just never understood that you don’t mess with the original and certainly not Sidney.

You blinked. I win.

You blinked. I win.

Not only does Sidney Prescott survive, but the rest of the Scream trio Dewey and Gail survive alongside her, which is some long living in a horror movie franchise when you aren’t the final girl.

Scream 4 was a fun ride, spoofing on horror movie remakes and long running horror franchises (Stab movie openings were killer). It was another chance to see the beloved Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley, and Gale Weathers back on the screen. I just love a good slasher, especially any film dealing with this horror franchise.

~ by nicmarray on February 1, 2013.

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