Supernatural Nevermore Review

Supernatural Nevermore Book CoverSupernatural Nevermore is another hunt for the Winchester brothers.

Called in for a favor, Sam and Dean Winchester deal with a band groupie ghost, but that is not the only strange thing happening in the boroughs of New York.

A ritualistic serial killer is reenacting murders from the works of a great horror storyteller: Edgar Allan Poe.

Sam and Dean investigate the first murders, including two students being beaten to death by an orangutan, while learning more about the shrieking groupie ghost living in a local rocker’s house.

A lovesick ghost and ritualistic murders based on horror stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Sam and Dean have enough to deal with their father’s recent passing, but the job never ends. And they have no intention of leaving without stopping this macabre serial killer.

Supernatural Nevermore keeps to the familiar storytelling of the television series, delving deeper into the introspection of both brothers. It is about them fighting evil, whether that is human made or those from the bowels of Hell.

And in the end, the groupie ghost that brought them to New York resolves her own murderous death after the Winchester boys investigate the local rocker’s band. Sam and Dean help in the apprehension of the Poe-inspired serial killer: an obsessive professor following a bogus ritual to bring back the dead.

Combining some favored fandoms, Supernatural Nevermore pulled me into another adventure with the Winchester brothers. It is a TV tie-in novel that can only fully be appreciated by fans of the television series, but anyone is welcome to read this first original Supernatural novel.

~ by nicmarray on February 12, 2013.

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