Hello gruesome readers – It’s been four years since last I posted on my little space in the horror blogosphere, publicizing Hemlock Grove on Netflix. The horror series ended after three seasons in October 2015.

I haven’t been around here, but my love for horror has not diminished! I’m still out there – watching horror series in the past months (Don’t even get me started on how much I love Stranger Things!) and anticipating the horror films being released in the upcoming months (Can we just sit down and rewatch the teaser trailer for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT?).

Yeah, I totally just did that!

Another thing I’ve been doing is embracing my more craftier side. Cross stitch or Xstitch, whichever you prefer, is something that I’ve known about for years (Mommy Gruesome was into pointy lil stabby needles) but I’d never actually done myself.

Now, I’ve been stitching up a storm these past few years. And the best thing is that you can combine any other interest or hobby with cross stitch!


They’re altogether ooky!

These past Octobers have been devoted to stitching some horror-related projects – bringing horror into my crafty lil world.


Tell me another one Freddy!

These gruesome lil projects are more on the simple and even cutesy side, but I have seen some seriously creepy and terrifying cross stitch. All of the cross stitch I’ve seen is a celebration of the genre and the horror fans that love it!


The gangs all here!?!

This isn’t really an announcement of things to come like my last hiatus return post, but simply a message that I’m still out there – I’m still loving horror – and I’m still keeping this gruesome lil spot in the horror blogosphere for myself.

I have some ideas bouncing around my gruesome lil head. I have some new “gruesome” experiences that I might share. I have some choices to make, and I might bring something back to Gruesome Details.

~ by nicmarray on July 5, 2017.

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