Gruesome Details is a horror-related blog, focusing primarily on horror films. However, horror films will not be the only horror-related discussions on these walls, which will be cleaned sporadically because of the bleeding.

Sea Monkeys FrankenweenieHorror is much more than morally questionable teens and unstoppable killers in the woods.

“Walk this way” as we explore the ever popular horror spoof, and let’s learn how to survive a horror film.

We will identify the overlapping horror sub-genres, including exploitation, slasher, and psychological thriller, before delving into horror fiction where the images and sounds are conceived in your mind.

Let’s curl up under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn, snickering at your roommates’ faces when they realize that the movie choice was yours and it was horror. The shrieks of terror and unsuspecting tension can be thrilling when you know what’s about to happen, yet find yourself jumping at the moment when the killer is silhouetted in the strategically placed lightning.

Step into the darkness, heart pounding and palms sweating as you hear something in the corner. Ask the question, “Who’s there?” before the blackness consumes your soul. We will be there to describe it in excruciating details, some may say that they are gruesome.


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