Gruesome Little Me

I am here to tell you all the gruesome details, reviewing horror films and discussing the horror genre. I am an avid horror film enthusiast, interests ranging from exploitation films to creature features.nmraymond_color_art

However, I was not always a horror fan. As a child, the chilling music frightened me at night when my father watched horror films, such as Pumpkinhead, and horror television shows, such as Tales from the Crypt.

And my fear of dolls sprang from Child’s Play and my cousins’ enthusiasm for other horror films, praying on me when I was frightened to watch the horror films at our grandmother’s house.

Everything changed when I made the decision to watch the horror films of my childhood in middle school, delving into the gore and the thrills of 1980s slasher films. I have never turned back, leaving the frightened child behind and embracing my familial enthusiasm for horror in all shapes and styles.

Horror films can still frighten me, startling me during an eerily silent moment. Horror films can make me chuckle at the stupidity of the protagonist and his/her friends or when the infamous lines are whispered in the dark, “Hello? Is someone there?”

For me, horror has always been about the films: Scream queens, unstoppable killers, massive amounts of gore, and haunting melodies. I intend to expand my horror knowledge and to reevaluate my perception on what horror is.


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